Youth Softball Helmet Buying Guide: Keep ‘Em Safe

Why is the youth softball helmet the holy grail of player protection? Protecting young athletes is crucial, especially in sports involving potential contact and fast-moving equipment like softball. Safety gear is a non-negotiable aspect of the game, with helmets being a front-line defense against potential head injuries.

When shopping for a youth softball helmet, it’s important to consider the fit, durability, and visibility it provides. A properly fitting helmet is snug yet comfortable, minimizing movement and maximizing protection. Materials matter as well; high-quality plastics and foams ensure longevity and continuous protection. Visibility is also a key factor; players need to be able to see the ball clearly from any angle, which is why the design of the face guard is so integral to their performance and safety.

Top Picks for Youth Softball Helmets

We can’t wait to show you our roundup of the latest and greatest youth softball helmets! Safety is crucial when stepping up to the plate, and we’re here to help ensure that our young sluggers are geared up with the best protection. From innovative features like moisture-wicking liners to custom fitting systems, we’ve got everything to make sure your star player has the perfect helmet. Get ready to hit a home run with our favorite picks that combine safety, comfort, and style!

Rawlings Coolflo Highlighter Youth Softball Helmet

If you’re in the market for a youth softball helmet, the Rawlings Coolflo Highlighter should definitely be on your radar for its comfort and superior protection.


  • Innovative venting system that keeps us cool under pressure
  • Comes with a facemask for added safety
  • Eye-catching matte colors that stand out on the field


  • Strap may detach easily if not secured properly
  • Color might vary slightly from expectations
  • One size fits most may not suit everyone perfectly

Just trying on the Rawlings Coolflo Highlighter youth softball helmet, we could immediately feel the difference the ample ventilation made. We stayed cooler for longer even during intense practice sessions, thanks to the Coolflo technology. It’s evident that the airflow can really have an impact when you’re batting under the hot sun.

Rawlings | COOLFLO HIGHLIGHTER Batting Helmet | Face Guard Included | One Size Fits Most 6 1/2"-7 1/2

The included facemask is a game-changer. It provides the extra protection we need without sacrificing visibility. This feature alone makes us feel more confident at the plate, knowing that our face is shielded from any unexpected pitches.

Some of us did note that the chin strap can come off if not clipped on securely, which is a minor inconvenience. We’ve learned to double-check it before stepping up to bat. Also, while the color is generally a hit, it might be a touch different than what some of us anticipated, but that’s hardly a dealbreaker.

The ‘one size fits most’ concept worked out pretty well for us. The helmet fits snugly on different head sizes within the team but adapts comfortably. That said, if your head size is on the extreme end of the range, it’s worth trying it on for size before committing.

Easton CYCLONE Youth Softball Helmet

We think you’ll love the Easton CYCLONE for its excellent protection and comfort on the field.


  • Great absorption from dual-density foam liner
  • Sturdy and protective ABS plastic shell
  • Customizable with the removable Easton Screamin’ E logo


  • Limited color options
  • May be snug for some kids’ heads
  • Only 15 reviews to gauge wider audience experience

After trying out the Easton CYCLONE batting helmet, we’re genuinely thrilled about its solid construction. The feel of the helmet when first putting it on really instills confidence. With the dual-density foam liner, there’s a noticeable level of comfort that seems ready to stand up to the rigors of the game.

Easton | CYCLONE Batting Helmet | T-Ball/Small | Black

Taking to the field, the ABS thermoplastic shell made us feel securely protected in the batter’s box. Even after a few knocks, it was reassuring to see that the helmet maintained its integrity without so much as a scratch. And for those on a team, being able to remove the Screamin’ E logo means customization is a breeze; it’s a small, yet appreciated, touch.

Despite the helmet’s many strengths, we couldn’t help but notice the limited color selection, which might not work for everyone’s team uniform. Additionally, while the fit was snug and secure for some of our young players, others found it a bit tight, suggesting a need to check the sizing carefully before purchasing. Lastly, with just fifteen reviews to go off of, it would be ideal to have a broader consensus from the community to ensure consistent quality across the board.

Easton Alpha Youth Softball Helmet with Mask

We think any young player will feel more confident stepping up to the plate with the Easton Alpha Helmet snugly fitted.


  • Stellar impact absorption, keeping young batters safer
  • Moisture-wicking liner that keeps a player cool under pressure
  • Comes with a well-designed facemask offering critical face protection


  • Sizing may be tricky for some; ensure measurements before purchase
  • Limited color options which may not appeal to all tastes
  • Can get warm on particularly hot game days

When we tried on the Easton Alpha Helmet, its secure fit was immediately noticeable. The dual-density foam liner wasn’t just comfortable; it wrapped around the head with a reassuring embrace that made us feel ready to focus entirely on the game.

Easton | ALPHA Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmet with Facemask | Medium/Large | Black

The moisture-wicking prowess of the Bio-Dri Liner impressed us, too. During a heated afternoon, the liner did an excellent job of keeping our brows dry, allowing us to see the incoming pitch without the distraction of sweat stinging our eyes.

Youth Softball Helmet Buying Guide

Understanding Helmet Sizes

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get the right size! Measure the circumference of your young player’s head, typically an inch above their eyebrows, to find the perfect fit. Helmets are usually sized in inches and categorized into small, medium, and large. Here’s a quick reference:

Head Circumference (inches)Helmet Size
19.25 – 20.75Small
20.75 – 22.25Medium
22.25 – 23.75Large
softball catcher behind the plate wearing a youth softball helmet

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Youth Softball Helmet

Safety Certification: Ensure the helmet meets standard safety certifications like NOCSAE.

Padding: Look for ample and comfortable padding inside the helmet, which provides both comfort and protection.

Visibility and Ventilation: Ample ventilation ensures comfort during hot days, and face masks should not impede visibility.

Adjustability and Comfort: A snug, adjustable fit is crucial. Some helmets come with adjustable dials for a custom fit.

Material and Durability

You want durability without the extra weight. So, it’s essential to find helmets made from sturdy, lightweight materials such as ABS plastic. It withstands impacts and stands the test of time without weighing our young athletes down.

Remember, a good helmet can significantly improve both performance and safety. We should never compromise on the safety of our young players, so choose wisely and prioritize their protection on the field.

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