About Us

People who say baseball is a boring sport are not playing it correctly. Don’t listen to those people. Instead, listen to me - baseball is awesome!

Hey, my name is Matt Crouch and I have been playing baseball since I could walk. Literally - my parents would take me to the local park and teach me how to throw a baseball around. That set the precedent for my childhood.

While others were kicking soccer balls and throwing basketballs at hoops, I was in the batting cage working on my swing.

By the time I joined my school team, I could play in any position with maximum effectiveness. I was an asset.

My love for baseball never dwindled, despite how much I played it. While I might not get down to the batting cage every single night anymore, I still try and get there whenever I can.

Not to mention the family games we have every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My father might be the only person in the world who knows more about the game than me!

I have created this website in the hopes of inspiring others to get into the game and fall in love just like I did.

Too many people say baseball is boring, but they’re so wrong. Try it for yourself and see just how wrong they really are.

Enjoy it!
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