Auburn Softball: A Home Run Season Preview!

Auburn University’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom and into the realm of athletics, where the Auburn Tigers softball team shines as a beacon of competitive spirit and talent. With a history of strong performances and a tenacious approach to the game, the team has become a staple of pride for the university and its supporters. The dedication of both the players and coaching staff is palpable as they continue to train and strive for victory in each and every game.

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Auburn Softball History

Auburn Tigers Softball has forged a rich history filled with growth and success, steeped in tradition from its early roots. This journey is marked by strong leadership and outstanding players who have carved out a significant presence in collegiate softball.

Founding and Early Years

Auburn’s softball program began, and its initial years laid the foundation for what would become a celebrated Auburn sports institution. Auburn quickly established a competitive spirit and a commitment to excellence that would be hallmarks of the team’s ethos.

Championships and Achievements


  • SEC Tournament Title: First won in 2015
  • Regional and Super Regional Titles: Lead to a historic appearance in the Women’s College World Series


  • SEC Player of the Year: Kasey Cooper (2016)
  • SEC Pitcher of the Year: Maddie Penta (2023)
  • SEC Freshman of the Year: Sara Dean (2002)
  • Best Season Finish: Achieved 56 wins, making it the best in school history.

Notable Coaches and Players

Auburn has been shaped by the leadership of individuals such as Kasey Cooper, a standout player who became the SEC Player of the Year in 2016. Maddie Penta shined as the SEC Pitcher of the Year in 2023, illustrating the caliber of talent that has been part of Auburn’s program. Through the years, these figures have contributed significantly to Auburn’s legacy on and off the softball diamond.

Team Roster and Positions

The Auburn University softball team’s roster features an impressive line-up of talented players ready to take the field, backed by experienced coaches and notable player statistics that showcase the team’s strengths.

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Auburn Softball Coaching Staff

The coaching staff is led by Head Coach Mickey Dean, who brings strategy and inspiration to the team. They focus on honing the skills of every player and fostering teamwork and resilience on and off the field.

Auburn Softball Game Schedule and Tickets

For fans of Auburn University softball eager to catch the action, the Tigers offer a robust schedule and various ticket options to enjoy the season. Enthusiasts can both plan for upcoming games and explore ticket purchasing choices with ease.

Season Calendar

The Auburn Tigers’ full season calendar is replete with numerous non-conference clashes and high-stakes SEC matchups, promising a thrilling softball season ahead. Fans can view the complete season breakdown, including dates, opponents, and home/away games on the Auburn Athletics website.

Ticket Purchasing

Single game, “Pick 6,” and flex plan tickets are all available to cater to the diverse preferences of Tigers’ supporters. Individuals looking to attend these exciting games can obtain their tickets from Auburn University’s Ticket Central. Prices and purchasing options are tailored to ensure that all fans have the opportunity to experience the thrill of the game.

Stadium Information

The Auburn University Athletics softball program boasts an impressive stadium with top-notch facilities, ample seating, and convenient parking arrangements. Fans and visitors can enjoy the Auburn Softball experience in a setting designed for excitement and comfort.

Facility Amenities

Jane B. Moore Softball Complex, which opened in 1998, is a state-of-the-art venue providing guests with a range of amenities designed to enhance the game-day experience. Amenities include modern concessions, clean restrooms, and a team store with official merchandise for fans to showcase their support.

Jane B. Moore Softball Complex

Seating Arrangements

The Auburn Softball Complex offers various seating options, from chair-back seats for those seeking comfort to general admission areas ideal for students and fans looking to enjoy the game from a more casual viewpoint.

Location and Parking

Located at 795 West Samford Avenue in Auburn, the complex provides fans with ample parking, including accessible parking options in the Biggio Drive lot, ensuring ease of access for all attendees. The complex’s convenient location within Auburn’s sporting precinct allows for a seamless, spirited game-day atmosphere.

Fan Engagement and Community

Auburn Softball excels not only on the field but also in connecting with fans and the local community. The team’s proactive approach creates a vibrant atmosphere that encourages fan involvement and community support.

Fan Events

Auburn Softball’s fan events are a home run for family entertainment. They host a variety of pre-game activities, including meet-and-greets with players, autograph sessions, and interactive games. Tailgating before games has become a tradition that fans of all ages eagerly anticipate, creating a lively community before the first pitch is even thrown.

Auburn Softball Community Outreach

The team prioritizes off-the-field relationships, actively engaging in community service programs. They spend time supporting local schools and participating in charity events. Their efforts highlight the players’ commitment beyond their athletic performances, contributing significantly to local community causes and fostering a spirit of generosity among the players and staff.

Support Programs

The Auburn Athletics Fan Experience Department bolsters the team with initiatives aimed at enhancing the fan experience. Initiatives include special promotions and game-day enhancements that ensure fans feel part of the team’s success. The support programs are meticulously planned to provide fun, excitement, and a seamless experience from the stands to the diamond.

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