What To Wear To A Baseball Game

The first World Series took place in 1903. The fans back then were middle-class, blue-collar workers, so you can guess that the attire worn to a baseball game was not inspiring. Now, with every public event and a chance to show off one’s fashion sense, the what to wear to a baseball game question has a lot of answers.

The best advice to give someone attending a baseball game is to wear comfortable clothes. The denim and team jersey combination is popular attire, and so are cropped shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers, and dresses, all topped off with a pair of shades and wide-brimmed hats or baseball caps.

The list of clothing items you can wear to a baseball game is limitless. It’s fun dressing up for a baseball game. Including some element of the team you’re supporting in your attire is highly recommended as it will instantly make you feel “part of .” Part of the team, part of the vibe, and part of the after-party.

Comfy and Practical Baseball Fan Attire

The answer to the question of what to wear to a baseball game should always contain the words “comfortable” and “practical .”A baseball game isn’t a red-carpet event, so there’s no need for revealing dresses, stilettos, or tuxedos.

That doesn’t mean you can’t rock up in style.

Fans cheering in stadium. Group people wait your favorite team and worry on tribunes. Youth support your favorite team. Young men and women are dressed in light clothing and jeans.

The Die-Hard Fan Suit And Denim

All sports leagues have them, and you will spot them a mile away. The die-hard fan suit is the most obvious clothing ensemble at a baseball game and will include any combination of the following garments:

  • Team jersey
  • Baseball cap
  • Team hoodie
  • Team T-shirt
  • Baseball jacket
  • All things denim
  • Sneakers

The I-love-my-team garment can be paired with jeans and comfy sneakers or worn with cute shorts and sandals. The fail-proof look will fit at any stadium, wherever the team on your shirt is playing.

Celebrities are often seen in this gameday suit in some shape or form, which means your wide-leg cropped jeans are in play. Jean pants and jacket combo with your team’s shirt underneath will never be a hit and a miss. A stylish boot, only comfortable ones need apply, can replace sneakers.

Black or white skinnies (cuffed at the ankles) paired with a fitted team shirt tucked in or a tank top and topped off with a baseball cap make for a casually cool look. Add a flat flannel checkered shirt around the waist to wear when the sun goes down.

For fans looking to go the extra mile, dressing up in a baseball outfit (red and white play well against each other) consisting of stilettos, stockings, a mini skirt with a matching baseball shirt, and a baseball cap is fun and ultra-chic. Be the ultimate cheerleader!

For those not opting for a specific team jersey or shirt, a regular T-shirt (long or short sleeve) pairs well with your favorite jeans (be it high rise with a trendy wash or a straight leg).

Match a long-sleeve denim button-down to your best-fitting jeans (alternate color scheme), throw on a pair of combat boots and a piece of bohemian neck candy, and you’re good to go.

T-shirts with a print, or the ever-dependable white or black, are popular options. Never underestimate the power of the simple tank top matched to the color of the team you’re supporting. Shredded jeans work well with a tank top, as do white sneakers.

Hotdogs are a gameday must-try, so opting for jeans with an elastic waist is a good idea. On hot summer days, go for cutoff denim, a short-sleeve breathable button-down top, and some platform sneakers to go with your favorite pair of shades.

The “I’m Just Here For The Experience” Look

Not every single person in the stadium is a die-hard-baseball fan. Some are out on a date, a corporate obligation, a night out with friends, or to experience the excitement of watching a live baseball game.

When you don’t have the die-hard fan suit option, the following suggestions can help make your mind up about what to wear.

Wear A Dress To The Baseball Game

White with black stripes equals classic baseball. A t-shirt dress is an excellent casual look for a day at the park. Cotton ones are super-comfortable and are easily accessorized with a waist belt and a jacket (denim works best). A complimentary hat (it doesn’t have to be a cap) can round off the look perfectly.

A pretty midi dress paired with sandals or Converse high-tops is always fashionable. Mid-length sweater dresses are a comfortable and stylish option whether you dress them down or up. A denim jacket always pairs well with a dress, so if you have one, wear it.

A maxi net skirt with a loose half-sleeved top is casual and comfortable with a pair of sandals. A wide-brimmed hat and arm and neck accessories complete the look. Casual summer dresses are all the rage, from floral prints to one-tone colors; they always comply with the dress code at any stadium.

Low or high-top canvas shoes helps to turn any dress type into a casual outfit, ready for the game and a fancy restaurant afterward. Sporty mini dresses with player numbers look classy when paired with high-heeled sneakers or, better yet, a pair of inspired baseball high heels.

A skater dress and stockings, worn with ankle-high boots and a woolen beanie, is a street-cred look that works well at games. A fleece skirt, hoodie, shades, and a messy bun is a quick way to dress casually for a game.

Moccasins and boat shoes are incredibly comfortable and allow you to move effortlessly around the stadium without putting unnecessary pressure on your feet.

Wear A Jumpsuit To The Baseball Game

You might find yourself jumping for joy at the game, so why not jump into a trendy jumpsuit, match it with some hip footwear, and accessorize with arm wear that matches your team’s colors? Don’t forget your handbag and cool shades. A baseball cap is optional with the jumpsuit look.

Wear Bold Colors To The Baseball Game

Baseball is a colorful game and a colorful experience. Opting to go for an outfit that’s splashed with color is a fun option. Popular colors are bright greens, Barbie pink, and yellows. A fun-colored capri pants, paired with a polo shirt and comfortable slip-on, is a vibrant option on game day.

Wear An Outfit Made Out Of Linen

Watching a baseball game in the hot summer sun will dehydrate you, and wearing the wrong type of clothing can make you sweat more than you want to. Choosing a breathable light material like linen can save your day.

Linen shorts and a top set can work well, with a short linen dress also an option. Accessorize with sandals or white slides and a big-brimmed hat. Jewelry can be on the sparkling side to spruce up the wrinkly but super-comfortable linen look. Your body will thank you when everyone else is sweating buckets.

Go For The Sporty Look When Dressing For A Baseball Game

Nothing wrong with going for the sporty look when attending “America’s favorite pastime.” An attractive high-waist short, long-sleeved Henley top, and a pair of black and white Adidas sneakers will hit the spot. Ditch the sneakers for nude wedge sandals and a cute hairband to go full-on chic.

Leggings, a baseball jacket, and sporty sneakers are an easy fit. Baseball jackets work well with mini-skirts and shorts as well. A pair of figure-hugging loungewear with sneakers is a super-comfortable wardrobe option.

Yoga pants and a fitted t-shirt are other sporty looks that work at a sporting event.

What Clothing To Wear To A Baseball Game In Cool Weather

When going to a baseball game when the temperatures are not short-cropped or jeans-friendly, it’s good to overdress. Removing layers of clothing is always easier than adding.

Simply adding a fleece jacket to a jean-and-team-jersey combo is easy, and extras such as gloves, scarves, and warm wooly hats will stop a cold breeze in its tracks. Warm wooly boots that keep the feet warm are a must in cold conditions.

Dress Like A Celebrity When Going To A Game

If you’re stuck with dress code ideas, why don’t you look to the stars for inspiration? Not saying go dressed up in a stardust onesie, rather copy and improvise the following ideas as worn by celebs:

  • Rihanna’s high-heel sneakers, black leggings, black spaghetti top, and black baseball cap work well as an outfit. Don’t forget the white open-buttoned shirt to finish off the look.
  • Mila Kunis goes for a sporty look by matching loose-fitting khakis with a leather belt and a sleek black shirt framed with an unbuttoned black-striped baseball jersey. Finish off the outfit with white lace-up canvas shoes, and you’re ready to sing “Take me to the ball game” with the crowd.
  • Jessica Biel knows how to dress up for a baseball game without going overboard. Match a cropped wide-leg denim with a striped shirt (black and white, or blue and white), white sneakers, a baseball cap, and voila. Thin-strapped handbag and oversized sunglasses complete the look.

Essential Things You Have To Take To A Baseball Game

A baseball game is an exciting experience filled with a lively atmosphere and like-minded fans. The average game last about 3 hours. Besides the game-day outfit you’re going to wear, your essential list should always include a combination of the following:

  • A comfortable carrying bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • An extra layer of clothing
  • Energy bars


Technically, you’re allowed to wear anything to a ball game. The best advice when choosing an outfit is to pick a comfortable combination. Sneakers, block heel wedges, and flats are your best bet.

Pick breathable clothes, especially in summer, and allows for easy movement. The game should be fun, and so should your outfit. Remember, it’s not the Oscars, even though you might spot some Oscar winners in the crowd.

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