What Is The Difference Between Baseball Bats And Softball Bats?

Baseball and softball share quite a lot of similarities, they have a similar origin and history, the ball size is the same, the dimensions on the field are also the same, and the list of similarities goes on.

But those who actually know quite a bit about baseball and softball know that these sports aren’t the same at all.

What Is The Difference Between Baseball Bats And Softball Bats?

From the smallest details about the equipment that is used in both sports, to the different rules of both of the sports, there’s quite a few differences regarding the sports.

For example, did you know that baseball bats and softball bats are actually a different size, and aren’t interchangeable, at least in competitive playing anyway.

We’re going to be talking about just how exactly these two types of bats are different across all the different versions of play.

Biggest Differences Between A Baseball And Softball Bat

Here are a few of the biggest differences that make both the baseball bat and softball bat unique.


Surprisingly, a baseball bat on average is actually smaller than a softball bat.

From knob to end, a baseball bat has a length of around 33 inches whilst a softball bat is slightly longer with a length of 34 inches.

A smaller and heavier bat in baseball is useful as it’s much easier to get to the strike zone and allow the bat to make contact easier.

Whereas a longer bat in softball allows for more plate protection as batters will have a shorter time to decide whether the pitch will be a strike, since the pitcher is on the same level as the batter is and they are much closer to the home plate.

Interestingly, at the youth level, there is no difference between bat sizes.

The average size for a bat both in softball and little league baseball is 30 inches, this is most likely because there’s not much difference between children, as they’re all roughly in the same stage of development and have the same levels of strength as one another.


The weight of the bats vary greatly, based on whether it’s slow pitch softball, beer league softball or fastpitch softball and even all the way to fastpitch baseball.

Looking at slow-pitch softball adult leagues, the weight of a bat is approximately 28 ounces, though you might find older, heavier slow-pitch softball bats as all the power is generated from your own strength, contact and bat speed.

Moving on to fast-pitch bats, these are usually much lighter than slow-pitch bats.

The reason for this is the batter needs to be able to get the bat off their shoulder much quicker to get to the strike zone faster.

This is much more important on a casual level, as a batters’ reflexes might not be as good as they are in the professional levels, and in softball a batter has much less time to react since the pitcher stands much closer to the batter.

Similarly, when it comes to adult league fast-pitch baseball bats, they are much smaller due to the rules of the league, these rules dictate that the weight and length cannot exceed the number of -3.

Difference In Barrels

In terms of visible difference, when looking at both baseball and softball bats, you’ll be able to tell that a baseball bat is thicker in the barrel than a softball bat.

For example, in high school, the barrel of the bat is around 2-5/8ths inches thick whereas in college, you’ll find that the barrel has a thickness of approximately 2-1/4ths inches.

The reason why a baseball bat is much thicker than its softball counterpart has to do with making the best contact with the ball as possible.

The diameter of a baseball bat is much smaller than a softball bat, so having a thicker barrel allows for a ‘cleaner’ strike of the bat.

Whilst the thinner softball bat allows for a quicker strike and gives batters a better chance since it’s lightweight and easier to move around.

Difference In Handles

Difference In Handles

When looking at both softball and baseball bats and their handles, the difference may not be completely obvious at first glance, but in actuality a baseball actually has a longer and thicker handle than its counterpart.

Again, the reason for this all has to do with the way the bat makes contact with the ball and due to the size and weight differences of the baseball and softball.

Another reason for the thicker handle is to suit men’s hands more, since they’re larger.

A thicker handle means that a man will be able to grip the bat easier and allow their hands to sit more comfortably.

The biggest part of a softball bat, especially a fast-pitch softball bat, is to get the bat off your shoulder as quickly as possible, and each part of the bat is catered to achieving that very goal.

Can You Use A Baseball Bat To Play Softball (And Vice Versa)?

Since they both look pretty much the same, surely they can be used as a substitute?

Well, like we’ve discussed, each bat has been specifically designed for their respective sport, and will have benefits to their design that allows a player to play the game much easier.

But, in a pinch, a baseball bat can be used to play softball and vice versa, but it should only be used as a temporary replacement.

If you are doing this, make sure that the bat is adjusted to be slightly heavier and shorter in length to allow you to play to the best of your ability.

Remember that just because the law of each sport allows the use of them, it’s not always a great idea, as you will be at a disadvantage before you even start the game.

Final Thoughts

The baseball bat and softball bat have quite a few differences that aren’t immediately obvious to a person who doesn’t know too much about them, but each of their differences allows them to flourish in their respective sport.

A softball bat is larger to allow more plate protection and to give batters more time to make a decision but a baseball bat is smaller to ensure that the batter can get out of the strike zone and to allow the ball to make contact with the bat much easier.

There are many differences between both of the bats, and whilst using each bat in the other’s sport may not be the smartest idea, it can be done in a time crunch to ensure you can play.

Matt Crouch
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