Top Travel Baseball Tournaments In America: The Ultimate Guide

While there are plenty of much-beloved sports in the United States, there might not be one that is quite as synonymous with us as good old-fashioned baseball.

And, whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or someone that has been a fan for their entire life.

Top Baseball Tournaments In America [The Ultimate Guide]

Watching this game performed at a professional level is something to behold, and is a surefire way to see if this sport is for you or not.

And with the worst of the pandemic behind us, many major tournaments that were unfortunately postponed finally now have a chance to get underway again.

If you’ve perhaps lost track of some of the events and tournaments going in, then this might be just the guide for you!

We’re going to show you some of the best baseball tournaments in the United States, and when exactly they’re taking place, as well as for all age groups and ranges.

Cooperstown Dreams Park

Starting this list with an amazing Youth Baseball league, Cooperstown Dreams Park is home to one of the most popular youth baseball tournaments in New York state.

With a season that runs for 13 weeks, and with plenty of incredible 12u, this tournament might not always be the top pick when it comes to the highest level of competition.

However, it is a great place to see potential up-and-coming talent, which is why it so often ends up coming in the top recommendations for 12u youth baseball tournaments.

It has even been home to some incredible championship matches too.

This year’s season ran from May through to August, so keep your eyes peeled as the season rolls around next year!

Atlantic Coast Baseball Cap Classic

When it comes to sports tournaments on the East Coast, there’s nothing quite like the Atlantic Coast Baseball Cap Classic tournament.

The tournament wrapped up its 12th annual event this year in Pittsburgh in 2022, with a 5-game guarantee at every tournament, promising top-quality talent at its best from its teams.

Plus, with sites all across the Atlantic coast, from the aforementioned Pittsburgh to Elizabethtown in Kentucky, to Oxford in Mississippi, to Orlando In Florida.

This tournament regularly attracts upwards of 200 teams to take part in this East-Cast extravaganza, with leagues and games covering a massive range of ages and experience levels, from the 9-15-year-old leagues to plenty of adult competition levels to see this sport performed at it its best.

2022’s season took place in June, so keep your eye out for tickets for next year’s event, wherever on the Atlantic Coast it may land for you!

2022 WWBA World Championships

2022 WWBA World Championships

It wouldn’t exactly be a list of the best baseball games in America without at least one mention of a World Series on this list, would it?

This year’s event takes place in Jupiter, Florida, in the Roger Dean Complex, the only stadium in the United States to host 4 minor leagues!

Of course, you’ll only be seeing the finest level of skill in this tournament, with this 24th annual event hosting some of the most prestigious talents in this sport.

So, prestigious that you need an invite to be able to go to this event that runs from the 6th to the 10th of October!

If you’re worried that you’ll miss your chance to go to this kind of event, don’t worry.

This particular tournament may be the first, but it certainly won’t be the last on this handy guide!

National Youth Baseball Championships

If we’re looking at the top 12u baseball tournaments out there, we have to at least give a shoutout to one of the most competitive and highly regarded out there, the NYBC.

This televised tournament gives a little bit of something for the whole family to watch, from the kids watching people their age play at the highest level with their parents, as well as coaches to see some of the up-and-coming talents that are out there right now.

Probably one of the most prestigious events in the North East when it comes to 12u baseball events, this event took place around late July this year.

If you missed it, make sure that you have the rough date penciled in for when it rolls around next year!

USSSA Elite World Series

Told you that we weren’t done with World Series tournaments yet on this list!

Like one of the previous tournaments that we mentioned, the United States Specialty Sports Association Elite series is a 5 game event guarantee for those people that have their tickets ready for this particular event!

With plenty of talent on display from the 8u up through to the 14&u events, this is a great display of talent at work right here!

This year’s event took place in the Space Coast Complex in Viera Florida in early July, so make sure that you’ve got your eye on those tickets when the time rolls around next year!

Perfect Game Coastal Super Regional

For another league that showcases young talent at the highest level, we need to take a look at this series of tournaments that take place in and around North Carolina.

Probably one of the bigger events that take place when it comes to North Carolina youth baseball, this is an event that attracts some of the most ambitious young teams in the sport.

Considering that a team allegedly needs to win a regional NIT tournament in a Super Regional tournament, it certainly sounds like an exclusive club, that’s for sure!

While the event can take place in a range of locations across the North East, the event usually takes place towards the end of May, so have your diaries ready for spring 2023!

2022 PG Fall World Series

2022 PG Fall World Series

Perfect Game is more than a one-shot pony when it comes to series across the country.

This 4th annual tournament is a series of games that take place at, you guessed it, fall, with the first games of this season set to open in the PG National Headquarters in Greater Memphis Tennessee.

Like many of the other tournaments we have covered, this one is an incredible showcase of 12 and under talent across the country’s best, with almost 170 teams set to compete in just the October events alone!

That’s not even counting the two series happening in September or December.

These events take place in states across the country, so make sure you check out venues near you in Sanford, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside the Greater Memphis games.

Super Select Grand Park, Indiana

This tournament is often one that slips under people’s radars when it comes to Youth Baseball leagues and events, and that’s a damn shame!

With many incredible games scheduled for the event when it falls around Spring (it took place in May this year), there is plenty of exciting talent on display here.

And when we say plenty, we MEAN plenty!

Over 200 teams took part in the Super Select in 2021 from teams of 8u up to 14u, this is one to watch out for next year!

Top Gun Summer World Series

Now, if you’re looking for variety when it comes to the experience levels and skills on display in Youth Baseball.

This world series event covers virtually any age range that you can think of when it comes to younger baseball talent. From the 8u, all the way up to high school kids, you can bet that this is the prime location for teens and teams to show off their up-and-coming talent pool.

While the 2022 series has come and passed at this point, the registry for 2023 is well underway for the next season.

This event takes place in locations across Ohio, and around mid-to-late June as well, so keep that timeframe in mind if you’re planning to attend or register for next year’s series!

2023 PG Gulf Coast World Series

Now, time for an event that you can be ready to put on your calendar!

Situated in the South East United States, as the name would suggest, the Gulf Coast World Series is guaranteed to be a packed event for the whole summer.

With games planned for Late May running through June and into the end of July, this is a World Series that you’re not going to want to miss out on! 

Plus, with teams ranging from 8u up to 15u, you’ll get a huge range of talent and skill here in this series.

If you’re looking to plan something for late spring and summer for you or your team as a coach, this is the World Series to shoot for!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

While the pandemic may have put a stop to baseball tournaments for a while, 2022 and 2023 are set to make up for this deficit in spades!

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