How To Clean White Baseball Pants

There’s something exciting about a baseball team out for the first game in new, crisp, and clean uniforms. Yet we know that those white pants are almost impossible to keep looking good. Dirt, clay, and grass stains are just a few of the challenges that make us want to know all the secrets to clean white baseball pants.

Some use laundry whiteners, specialty stain removers, laundry soap bars, and disinfecting bleach. Others resort to a pressure washer to blast off stains. Today we’ll list some of the best options.

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Clean White Baseball Pants With Laundry Whitener

Laundry pros around the world all have their go-to products when their white fabrics venture to the dark side. One of those favorites is Out White Bright Laundry Whitener. They boast that it “eliminates red clay or red dirt stains” and that it “works great on white baseball pants.” The result is clearly a win in the cleaning department. They live up to their advertising.

For best results, isolate the dirty baseball pants in a bucket or container, and mix a cup of the laundry whitener with 2 gallons of water. Give the fabric a quick rub. Let the whitener do its magic for 60-120 minutes.

Rinse the pants after soaking, and then put them through a normal washing cycle. Here’s one last secret, add a bit of the whitener to your regular detergent for that washing cycle.

As most baseball parents know, as soon as the red clay joins the dirt party, the result is often buying new pants. Out White Bright Laundry Whitener quickly and effectively boots the red clay, the dirt, and the grass stains from the party.

Use Specialty Stain Removers To Clean White Baseball Pants

Specialty stain removers can be used on small and large stains and to remove spots. For baseball stains, fill a small bowl with the stain remover in its undiluted form.

Immerse the stained area in the solution and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Rub the fabric together, rinse with warm water, and repeat the procedure if required. When satisfied with the stain removal, put the baseball pants through a normal washing cycle.

Use A Laundry Bar Stain Remover To Clean White Baseball Pants

Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap Bar has been removing stains from clothes for decades. Ask your parents what their parents used to clean dirty pants. This magic laundry bar is likely the answer.

The bar is cheap and easy to use. Use water to get the bar lathered up, and employ some good ol’ elbow grease. Scrub the bar onto the stained areas before going over the stains with a textured kitchen sponge. Or use a soft brush if you’re worried the fabric might fray. Rub the brush or sponge over the soap to create more lather when scrubbing the stains. 

The soap works best when you allow it to penetrate the stain, so leave it for a while before you start scrubbing. If you can still lift your arms after the scrubbing workout, rinse the pants thoroughly.

Sometimes the red clay leaves a slight residue, even after the magic bar is used.

If this happens, soak the pants in a mixture of Iron OUT Rust Stain Remover overnight (1/3 cup in 1 gallon of warm water) to effectively remove the rust color from the baseball pants. Put the baseball pants through a normal washing cycle in the morning.

One happy person on Amazon commented that it took out “Hawaiian red dirt,” and it “works great.” WARNING: As always, be sure to perform a color test on any color stripes or logos, as they might fade when using the Iron Out product.

Use Clorox To Clean White Baseball Pants

Bleach…the old go-to for whitening laundry. When using bleach to clean white baseball pants, you need to be sure of the following:

  • Test the bleach to ensure it won’t lighten any color stripes on the pants (a bleachability test)
  • That there is no spandex in the pants (labeled also as Elastane or Lycra).

The most effective way to use Clorox bleach is by washing the pants in the hottest water. Add ½ cup bleach with your regular washing detergent when you launder the pants.

If the pants do not pass the bleachability test, use Clorox 2 Stain Remover & Color Brightener diluted with water and soak the baseball pants for an hour or two. After soaking, add a cup to your washing with your regular detergent.

For minor stains, pour the stain remover directly onto the baseball pants, give them a good rub, and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Don’t allow it to dry completely on the garment. After 15 minutes, put the pants through a regular wash and add some stain remover as directed.

clorox to clean white baseball pants

Use OxiClean To Clean White Baseball Pants

With this no-fuss method, you require the use of three of America’s most trusted cleaning products and use them in combination:

In what can only be described as easy, you start by laying the baseball pants on a table or other workable surface. Take the OxiClean MaxForce and spray all the stains, thoroughly covering them with the spray.

Let the OxiClean spray sit on the stains for roughly sixty minutes before transferring the pants to a bucket. Toss half a cup (¾ if pants are heavily stained) of the Iron OUT product into the bucket, and fill it halfway with hot water.

Add the not-as-white-as-when-it-left-the-house baseball pants to the bucket and fill up to the top with water. Allow the pants to soak for a couple of hours. Some baseball moms recommend you leave it to soak overnight for the best results.

The last step is adding ½ cup of OxiClean White Revive with your regular washing detergent. Wash the baseball pants in the hottest water setting, and be prepared to be amazed.

If you’re not amazed, repeat the process, or better yet, try some of the other methods mentioned in the article until you find the best cleaning method for you and your future baseball star.

Red clay on baseball pants presents a tricky cleaning challenge. Even when the stain is removed, white baseball pants still. have a rust-like residue. The secret? Iron Out Rust Stain Remover is the best cleaning option to eliminate rust color.

Use A Pressure Washer To Clean White Baseball Pants

Some innovative parents, primarily dads, think out of the proverbial box when cleaning their child’s dirty baseball pants. Cue the pressure washer.

When the not-so-white baseball pants arrive home, spread them out on the backyard patio or driveway, hook the washer up, and blast the dirt and grime away. The pressure washer method is more of a prep for more aggressive treatment.

When you’re done splashing about, you could find that not all stains are removed. Use one of the other methods listed in the article to complete the cleaning process.

There will be instances where cleaning white baseball pants will require a tag-team effort (combination of products and methods) to clean some of the more stubborn stains from the garment, especially when it’s red clay on the pants.


Back in the day, you had to scrub your hands into a sudsy pulp to eliminate baseball stains using a laundry bar. Cleaning white baseball pants is a little easier today using the excellent stain removal and whitening products we’ve listed for you.

And if you can’t remove the stains by any of the methods listed above, then give the pressure washer a go.

Matt Crouch
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