All About Baseball Chants: The Complete Guide

If you have been to any sporting event, you’ll be no stranger to chants. These are little songs that supporters belt out to energize and encourage their team on for the win.

Whether you’re at an amateur game or top level, you’ll hear the crowds cheering on their teams with these chants. 

Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Baseball Chants [The Complete Guide]

And that goes for soccer, football, basketball, and our subject matter for today, baseball.

You’d be surprised at just how much the sounds from a lively game can impact those players and it can even be the difference between a helpless loss becoming a triumphant victory. 

It’s also a little bit of a distraction and demotivation tactic for the opposing team – anything to keep them off their game, right?

While it is the players that are responsible for the outcome of the game, you should never underestimate the role that you play as a supporter. And motivating your team with encouragement is absolutely essential. 

Throughout this article, we’ll talk a little bit about what a baseball chant actually is, why they are important, the dos and don’ts of chanting, and much more. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s get right to it. 

What Is A Baseball Chant? 

We’ve covered this a little above, but let’s get to the real nitty gritty stuff. Baseball chants are really not all that complicated, and it’s probably a lot simpler than you might think. 

Simply put, a baseball chant is a selection of words, sometimes rhyming, sometimes not, that go with a certain rhythm or song-like sound.

If you’ve ever been to a match and cheered your team along with words rather than just screaming or clapping, then you’ve chanted at a match. 

Usually, within each team, there will be organized words that are known to motivate both crowd and players.

They are, for the most part, simple and easy to follow, which is why they can be picked up by large crowds in just a matter of seconds. 

When it really comes down to it, chants are just motivational words that crowds yell at their team to pump them up. It’s a great way to inject some excitement into a baseball game. 

Chants are much more than that though, they also show a fanbase that is united and expresses their love for their team. It is a great way to bring fans together and it also produces an amazing atmosphere on and off the field. 

These chants can differ massively from team to team, and even within the teams. Some chants will be for specific players while others are intended for the entire team.

But whoever you are chanting, you can guarantee that it will elevate the game, and make it more exciting, and interesting. 

How Long Are Baseball Chants

Baseball chants are very short snippets of music or song. And when I say short, I mean, a few seconds long.

Most chants are short and are repeated in a small loop. So if you do decide to create your own chant, keep it short and sweet. 

When To Chant 

If you’re new to baseball, you may be wondering when exactly is it appropriate to start chanting. Below I’ll list some of the most common reasons to chant.

But before we get into that, let me just say this. There is no exact schedule for chanting. It’s not a case of in the 56th minute we’ll chant.

Chants are specific to the game that is being played, and chants will naturally begin in moments when supporters feel the team needs the pickup. 

If you are particularly worried about starting a chant, you can always wait until others begin chanting. Don’t worry, it will definitely happen.

Sometimes, if you’re new it can be easier to just jump on the bandwagon once the crowd starts going. 

But should you want to start a chant, here are some appropriate moments to do so: 

  • Just before the team comes onto the field. 
  • During the 7th-inning stretch. 
  • When your team’s batter completes a home run. 
  • When all bases are loaded. 
  • When a new batter/player comes onto the field
  • When the ball hits the boundary line
  • When the umpire makes a bad call

There may be other moments where chants can start, but it should feel natural and like the right time to do so.

And as previously mentioned, you can always just wait for more confident supporters to start a chant and then join in with them. 

The Importance Of Baseball Chants In A Baseball Game

The Importance Of Baseball Chants In A Baseball Game

I feel like I have already touched upon how chanting is important, but we’ll delve a little further into that now. 

So why is chanting so important? Why is it recognized in pretty much every sport? Let’s see. 

Supporters of teams, like baseball, are so passionate about the outcome of the score and seeing their team do well. Physically, there isn’t anything that a spectator can do to aid toward that common shared goal of winning. 

A supporter cannot jump onto the pitch and whack that incoming ball for the batter. They can’t catch a well-connecting ball out on the field. But they all want to do something. 

And physiologically, supporters can do some things to help their team.

While your batter is waiting for their ball, supporters can chant to both energize the batter while also distracting the pitcher from his full attention.

Chants can get inside players’ heads and this makes supporters feel like they are helping. 

Ultimately, chants bring both players and spectators together and help them feel like they are all reaching a common goal. 

Do Baseball Chants Differ From Other Sports Chants? 

While many different sports do share chanting. How you chant can be quite different from sport to sport and this is especially true for baseball.

This is because, unlike in basketball or football, the player’s roles change every half an inning, and this will affect the type of chant you use. 

Also, in baseball, you’ll tend to hear players themselves join in on chants before games start, or you’ll hear them from the dugout when there is exciting action happening on the field.

It is rare that you’ll find players themselves chanting during a game in many other sports. And it’s a nice touch that brings supporters and players closer together. 

The Dos & Don’ts Of Baseball Chants

Chanting can be really good fun, but like with anything, it can be pushed to its limits sometimes to a point where it just becomes downright distracting, too difficult, or in the worst case scenario, just downright offensive. 

There are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed while chanting. And there are some unspoken rules of chanting that you should be following. 

So let’s take a closer look at the dos and don’ts of chanting. 


  • Keep chants simple and short
  • Use easy rhythms that can be picked up quickly
  • Use simple words that are easy to pronounce
  • Stay respectful of the opposing team 
  • Add movements such as stomping and clapping


  • Use complex words or rhymes 
  • Use harassing, derogatory, or offensive language
  • Do not curse 

Can Baseball Chants Be Negative? 

A negative chant is known as jeering, and while it is not completely prohibited, it is fairly frowned upon.

What this means is that, technically, yes you do hear negative chants from time to time. However, I would avoid them where possible. 

Unlike lots of other sports, baseball can be a much slower game and many of the players can easily hear the chants coming from the crowd.

Particularly negative chants can start to have a negative impact on both players and the umpires. 

And the whole point of chanting is to inject more excitement and fun into the atmosphere. Jeering tends to just bring down the atmosphere of the game and so really, if nothing else, it’s just a bit redundant. 

Popular Baseball Cheers & Chants

Popular Baseball Cheers & Chants

Let’s now go over some of the most common and popular chants so that if you hear them during a game you can get excited and energized, and join in on all the fun! 

Home Run #1 

H. O. M. E.

That’s the best place for us,

We have the bases loaded,


And we’re going, going, going,

H. O. M. E.

Yes, that’s right, it’s the place for us.

Home Run #2

We want a single, just a little single 

S. I. N. G. L. E, single, single, single

We want a double, just a little double

D. O. U. B. L. E. double, double, double

We want a triple, just a little triple

T. R. I. P. L. E, triple, triple, triple

We want a home run, just a little homerun

H. O. M. E. R. U. N. homerun, homerun, homerun.

Oscar Mayer Weiner Song


Our team is the best ever,

They never lose a game, 

They hit the ball, 

Out of the park,

And around the base, 

The other teams see us, 

We scare them all awaaaaaayyyyy, 

And that’s because we’re the best, 

Our team will win today. 

Aggressive Chant For Offensive Team

Aggressive Chant For Offensive Team

Be aggressive, be, be aggressive, 

B. E. A. G. G. R. E. S. S. I. V. E! 

Strike Out Chant #1

Slider Speedy, 

Or even a curve, 

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch that ball, 

We don’t care how but, 

Strike him out! 

Strike Out Chant #2

Harder, Faster, 

Let not defense the kid, 

Whatever it takes, 

When he hits that ball we,

We wanna see the bat break

Strike Out Chant #3

Concentrate, Pitch that ball, 

Make that player strike at the plate! 

Team Chant

Can’t be at number two!

And we are going to beat, 

The whoopsie out of you!

Dugout Chant

Hey, Pitcher, 

Tie your shoes, 

Cause Mikel gonna hit you, 

Right over you

Tips About Baseball Cheers & Slogans

Sometimes you can come up with your own really clever chant, but if you’re the only one chanting it, it’s never going to become a chant at all. You’ll just get drowned out over all the noise. 

For a successful chant, you need as many people participating in the chant as possible. How do you get other people to participate with you? Well, first off, they have to know the words of your chant. 

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to print the lyrics of your chant onto a T-shirt so that others can see it and may be able to join in along with you.

Alternatively, you can also create big banners or signs with the lyrics on so that when you begin chanting, others can join in with you. 

Also, never forget the power in numbers. If you can get a large group of people all with these printed T-shirts or banners, then the chant is going to get picked up more quickly as it is reaching a higher amount of people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Baseball Chatter? 

Baseball chatter usually refers to fun and playful phrases or chants that spectators use to show support for their team. 

What Is Baseball Cheese? 

This refers to a fastball, particularly one that is quite hard to hit. A fastball high in the strike zone is referred to as high cheese while low zone fastballs are often referred to as cheese at the knees.

If a pitcher throws a fastball at an incredible velocity in a way that looks effortless, some may call this easy cheese. 

What Does Duck Snort Mean In Baseball? 

If a ball is hit softly and goes over the infielders and lands in the outfield for a hit it was often referred to as a ‘Duck Fart.’

However, this then evolved to become a Duck Snort so that it was more announcer-friendly for families in the audience. 

Is Chanting Allowed In Little League? 

Chanting is usually fine in little league games providing that when the pitcher is delivering the pitch no one is shrieking or screaming.

However, it is important to note that no artificial noise making such as air horns or pounding on buckets, is allowed during the entirety of the game. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, from reading this article, you have learned that baseball chants are much more than pointless noise. Because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, these chants can arguably be one of the most vital parts of any match. And an atmosphere can be the difference between winning or losing a game 

Supporters and spectators want to help their team win. It’s fueled with passion, and while we can’t jump onto the field to physically help with the outcome of the game.

The psychology of chanting should never be underestimated. 

You should also always be respectful of others while chanting. Chanting will inevitably be a part of the game. It is rare that you’ll see a game without it.

However, it should not be constant throughout the whole of the game. People are still trying to watch the game and may not want you screaming in their ear the entire game.

If we chant throughout the whole game, chanting also loses its purpose. It is there to encourage and energize in the moments that really need it. 

And while on the topic of respect, ensure that the chants are always using ‘clean’ language that doesn’t offend anyone else.

There are ways to keep the rivalry without being downright disrespectful or unethical. Everyone deserves the right to enjoy their game and so no chants should be discriminatory. 

Chanting is about coming together as a team and showing your love and appreciation for the game and the players. Keep it lighthearted and keep it fun. And most importantly, have a good time. 

Matt Crouch
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